MAR10220 Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand)

National Course Code: MAR10220

Embark on an exciting journey towards a maritime career with our esteemed Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal). This nationally accredited course is your gateway to becoming a proficient general-purpose hand aboard vessels measuring up to 80 metres within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or exclusively in the engine room for vessels boasting propulsion power of up to 3000 kW.

COURSE FEE DETAILS: are in the dropdown menu below or the Fees & Funding link in the menu above.

Course Highlights:

Hands-On Learning: Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of theoretical insights and hands-on practical training, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of essential maritime skills.

Essential Survival Expertise: Acquire critical survival skills essential in the event of vessel abandonment, equipping you to navigate challenges with confidence and poise.

Nautical Fluency: Master nautical terminology, empowering you to communicate effectively and seamlessly in the maritime language.

Firefighting Proficiency: Develop foundational firefighting skills  fostering a safe and secure onboard environment.

Environmental Stewardship: Discover environmentally sound work practices designed to safeguard our precious waters, promoting responsible maritime practices.

Cohesive Crew Collaboration: Cultivate the ability to work harmoniously as part of a crew, ensuring a seamless operation and contributing to the collective success.

As you navigate this enriching course, you’ll inch closer to Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) certification, a testament to your burgeoning expertise. Whether you aspire to stand on the deck or work diligently in the engine room, our Certificate I in Maritime Operations is your compass to a promising maritime future. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and set sail towards excellence.

Course Details

Why Choose (M.T.A) Marine Training Academy
  • We are committed to delivering the highest standards of training to ensure you succeed
  • We offer flexible study options
  • We offer flexible payment options
  • Our trainers are professional and experienced seafarers
Who Is This Certificate For

This certification is suitable for people working in entry level positions in the maritime industry as a General Purpose Hand on deck or in the engine room of a vessel up to 80 metres within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or in the engine room only for a vessel with propulsion power up to 3000 kW.

The position of General Purpose Hand is also the starting point for career progression to being a Coxswain, Master and/or Engineer. The training course provides skills and knowledge known as Basic Safety Training and is a requirement for all commercial crew.

Career opportunities are extensive with employment available nationwide on a wide range of vessels including:

  • Ferries
  • Tugs
  • Whale Watch Boats
  • Dinner Cruise Boats
  • Tourist Excursion Boats
  • Landing Craft/Barges
  • Mooring Barges
  • Fishing Charter Boats
  • Fuel Barges
  • And so many more….
Course Fee Details
  • All courses include a sea service requirement.

    • Course Cost – $1,250.00 upfront, or $375.00 per fortnight x 4
    • Final assessment & CoC lodgement with Australia Post is an additional fee, “not included in your course cost” refer to the Fees & Funding tab in the menu above for further details.
  • For NSW government funding and incentives, please refer to the Fees & Funding page in the menu above.

How To Enrol

How To Enrol

To enrol, simply click the ENROL NOW button

  1. Pay your deposit or course fees.
  2. Complete the online enrolment form.
  3. You will receive an instant email receipt and will be contacted shortly after to complete your course induction and to confirm your booking.
Licensing & Regulatory Information

This level of qualification is currently cited as meeting some of the requirements for certification as a General Purpose Hand Near Coastal as defined by Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency – National law) 2022.

Certification will require achievement of the MAR10220 Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal), 5 days qualifying sea service on a commercial vessel and an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) approved first aid certificate. People seeking certification should check with AMSA via this link.

Course Admission Requirements

Whilst no specific entry requirements are stated in the training package as required for this course, to be well prepared for this course we recommend that you have:

  • An intermediate level of fitness
  • The ability to swim 50 metres and stay afloat for 5 minutes while wearing work clothes and without a life jacket
  • The ability to handle rough seas without getting seasick
  • Access to appropriate work clothes, including closed work shoes and sun protection for practical sessions

Age Requirements

(M.T.A) The Marine Training Academy will accept enrolments from students before their 16th birthday, provided they meet all other admission requirements.

Note: applicants must be 16 years of age or above to be issued with a Certificate of Competence under the National Standards for Commercial Vessels – Part D – Certificates of Competency by AMSA (Refer AMSA Guidance Notice).


As some of the resources are contained in a dedicated learner portal, a student must have access to a computer (with Microsoft Office 365 software).

Students will need to bring a laptop to class with them as they will need to access their student learner portal throughout their classroom training and assessments.

Students will require basic computer skills to complete the course without disadvantage.

Course Delivery and Assessment

The General Purpose Hand Course is delivered in two parts:

  1. Theory / eLearning
    • Online theory training and online assessment module to be completed (allow approximately 15 hours self study)
  2. Practical:
    • All practical training will be delivered from one of our learning centre’s (allow one day of practical ‘on board’ training on our training vessel).

This is a self-paced course. A recommended training plan will be provided when you enrol in this course. Your plan will outline the recommended study timetable and detail your units and assessments.

Course Units

HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid

MARB053 – Assist with routine maintenance on a commercial vessel

MARF027 – Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment

MARF028 – Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel

MARF029 – Meet work health and safety requirements

MARF030 – Survive at sea using survival craft

MARG012 – Work as part of a crew on a commercial vessel

MARN016 – Apply general purpose hand skills aboard a commercial vessel

What To Bring


  • Australian Drivers Licence, current passport or birth certificate, Unique Student Identifier (USI)

 Sea Service:

  • Please bring your evidence of qualifying sea service. See the Record of Sea Service Form

 RPL (if applying):

  • Academic transcripts of previous qualifications, CV, letters from employers

Electronic Device:

  • Electronic device capable of doing assessments online e.g. phone, tablet or laptop


  • Work or casual clothes for both theory and practical days


  • Deck shoes, joggers, sandshoes or work boots (no thongs)

 Radio Day:

  • 1 x Passport photo for Marine Radio course

Fight Fire Day:

  • No synthetic outer clothing, socks or underwear
  • Long sleeve ‘cotton’ work shirt
  • Long ‘cotton’ pants or jeans
  • Hair is to be tied back, if applicable

 Sea Survival Day:

  • In-water sea survival clothing to include a t-shirt or shirt plus pants
  • Spare set of clothes to wear after sea survival in water practical
  • Lunch, a bottle of water, large towel, warm jacket, and strong large plastic bag for wet clothes
Certificate of Competency (CoC) Application

Please read the AMSA requirements for the Certificate of competency for this course.

You will need to submit an Application for a Certificate of Competency (industry licence) to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. This can be completed at any Registered Australia Post Retail Outlet. Please check you’ve met the requirements and complete a 426 application form.

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